Why not alcohol?


  • Does not destroy disinfected surfaces,
  • Does not destroy devices,
  • Durability for many hours (in the air) or several days (on a protected surface)
  • The presence of the nanoform eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungi and prevents the development of new,
  • It works on the entire surface and space – it is able to reach all nooks, crevices and surfaces,
  • The price is significantly lower than that of alcohol preparations.

Means with the use of alcohol

  • Destroys sanitized surfaces,
  • Destroys devices with which it comes into contact,
  • Durability – counted in minutes (up to an hour) depending on the appearance of the next microorganism,
  • Eliminates microorganisms for a short time, but after oxidation does not prevent their subsequent transmission
  • Only works at the site of application,
  • High price at the required alcohol concentration of at least 70%