Antivir4 Gate and Decontamination Curtain

For people, animals and devices (vehicles). The technology is characterized by a very high viral biodegradability rate. AntiVir4 is non-toxic and non-poisonous. It does not leave any traces or discoloration. AntiVir4 shows effective disinfecting activity. The disinfection cabin is designed for effective, non-invasive disinfection / disinfection of outerwear in production and industrial plants, offices, shopping malls, public places as well as in open urban spaces, etc. The cabin also has the function of disinfecting shoes, thanks to mats soaked in AntiVir4. Gates, curtains and disinfection booths can be installed directly in front of the entrance to the plant / room, thanks to which all people entering the plant / room are subjected to the disinfection process. AntiVir4 preparation is sucked from the tank through a pump, and then transported under appropriate pressure to a dozen or so nozzles that spray the liquid into a mist. The spray time can be adjusted from 2 to 30 sec.