Technology description (in short)

Nanoparticle structures have existed since the birth of the world; the size of a single nanoparticle is one billionth of a meter – average bacteria or viruses are huge, like giants,

The water-based preparation, produced on the basis of nanotechnology, shows remarkable antibacterial and antiviral activity, which has been confirmed, among others, in the research of the National Institute of Public Health and the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw; nanostructures contained in the preparation, the size of which ranges from single nanometers to sizes similar to the size of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (100-130 nm), may remain for a long time in microscopic water (aerosol) droplets suspended in the air or remain on the surface.

An active, composite layer applied to the usable surface (tables, computers, etc.), protective clothing or masks, not only completely blocks the development and spread of Sars-CoV-2 virus and all other microorganisms, but also effectively eliminates them; nanotechnology eliminates viruses on the principle of „catch and kill”, that is, it catches and stops the further development of pathogens, which leads to their complete annihilation. This is because the properties of chemical compounds (highly reactive features) are transferred to the properties of structures, which when applied to the surface where a virus, bacteria or fungus is present, effectively inhibit the development of these microorganisms.