Masks soaked with Antivir4 Mask

The offer applies to masks with an active, composite AntiVir4 Mask layer that eliminates the spread of COVID-19 (and all other microorganisms) through the applied active composite layer. It blocks the virus from getting through the mask in such a way that it effectively catches, stops and eliminates the further development of microorganisms, leading to their inactivation. It is the first such an effective solution in the world based on the use of a unique modern technology „CATCH AND KILL” consisting in the change of passive antivirus protection to active protection leading to the elimination of both COVID-19 and other pathogenic microorganisms dangerous to humans, transmitted by droplets. The use of technology developed by outstanding scientists, supported by many years of research and experience, for example in the fight against SARS (2002-2003), fulfills the functions of an effective and active fight against pathogenic microorganisms. It is not a method of stopping them through the so-called Donor-Acceptor (as it happens inside the body), or passively retaining their parts on the mask surface, but it is based on the use of highly reactive properties of chemical compounds transferred to the properties of nanostructures produced on the mask surface, which effectively inhibit the passage of microorganisms through the mask filter and ultimately they inactivate them.