Liquids for hand disinfection- Antivir4 Hand and disinfection of surfaces and materials- Antivir4 Surf (ALCOHOL FREE)

NANO HOPE has already produced lotions for hand disinfection and disinfection of surfaces and materials based on its water-based technology – which no company on the market has yet done. NANO HOPE has full tests of hand and surface disinfectants for the full effectiveness of the technology, carried out by institutes appearing in Brussels as „notified bodies” such as the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw, Central Institute for Labor Protection in Warsaw as well as by university laboratories of renowned universities, incl. Of the Warsaw University of Technology. It is worth mentioning that some people on the market use disinfectants based on nanosilver or nanogold, claiming that they destroy viruses. The claims are false, however, because neither nanosilver nor nanogold destroy viruses, which was confirmed by detailed studies conducted by the National Institute of Hygiene, which we have in our possession. Tests carried out on NANO HOPE fluids clearly showed that the effectiveness of NANO HOPE preparations is 100% (100%). It has been proven that all viruses, bacteria and fungi die within one minute of using NANO HOPE. It should be particularly emphasized here that due to the fact that NANO HOPE disinfectants are produced on the basis of water, which is the carrier, they are easy to apply to hands, surfaces, etc. It is incomparable and is a huge advantage over the solutions available on the market (sic!). There is no risk of alcohol, carcinogenic substances or salt in our liquids. Our technology fully protects people, sensitive electronic devices, documents, valuable items, does not cause corrosion. It is completely safe and, apart from decontamination of the hazard, it imposes an active, biocidal barrier.